Identical twin sisters Brittany and Brianna Winner, better known as The Winner Twins, are giving new meaning to the word “prodigies” with their work in science fiction, through their nonprofit, and their current expansion into TV and film.

The Winner Twins are national bestselling and multiple award-winning science fiction novelists. They have written a total of four science fiction novels, a writing book, and several comic books.

They wrote their first novel at 12 years old that went on to win eight prestigious awards and became a national best-seller by the time they turned 13. This earned them the title America`s Youngest Multiple Award Winning Novelists.

How the twins’ journey started was just as epic as their novels. They were born 11 weeks premature which caused them to be in and out of hospitals and close to death through their younger years. During the hard time Brittany and Brianna developed a love of storytelling. The stories they created together let them escape the harsh reality of the illnesses they faced.

Their parents introduced the twins to science fiction and comic books and took them to many a comic book store and convention. They had them watch Star Trek and Babylon 5, read Isaac Asimov and absorb every classic science fiction novels, movies, TV shows, and comics. This fueled their young imaginations and influenced and intensified their love of storytelling. The worlds they created were filled with advanced technology, epic adventure, robots, cyborgs, mystery, and danger.

In elementary school, the twins faced the harsh reality of dyslexia and other learning disabilities that began to take a toll on their self confidence and self-esteem. Their father recognized their storytelling abilities despite their struggle with reading and writing. He stepped in and told them that if they focused on their strengths and their passion for storytelling, they could do the impossible and write a novel.

With his support and encouragement over a period of nine months, they completed their first novel and fell in love with writing science fiction. The twins decided to pursue it as a profession and went forth with a manuscript and a dream, clueless of what to do next.

Eventually they decided to send their novel The Strand Prophecy in for awards and it ended up winning eight. The Strand Prophecy became a national bestseller by the time the turned thirteen and could be found in every Barnes and Noble store. This earned them the title America`s Youngest Multiple Award Winning Novelists.

When they got their first check in, they decided to help other kids and teens facing learning disabilities and other obstacles. The twins started a tour through schools, telling their story of overcoming their learning disabilities and other challenges to write their novels. Over time they began to teach their writing method and to donate technology to the schools. They opened their 501c3 nonprofit, Motivate 2 Learn, at fifteen. That same year they were officially recognized as prodigies by The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

They have continued to teach and it earned them the prestigious “Pinnacle Award” from the international educational organization the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. Brittany and Brianna have spoken and taught their creative writing method live in front of over 150,000 students, teachers, professionals, and convention goers so far.


At fourteen they were given their first booth and panel at Comic Con International and have been there every year since. So far they have worked over 50 conventions and book festivals including the USC Book Festival, Wonder Con, Stan Lee’s Comikaze, the Virginia Book Festival, and the New York Comic Con.

Brittany and Brianna released their second novel in the Strand series, Extinction’s Embrace, and are completing the trilogy next year with the release of Red Moon Rising. The first book in their new Trilogy, PCT: Perfect Compatibility Test, will launch summer of 2014. The twins’ novels are on the Accelerated Reader program in over 65,000 schools across America. Brittany and Brianna have contributed to “Now Write!” Speculative Genres, a collection of writing exercises published by Penguin.

Brittany and Brianna frequently contribute and are interviewed by many publications and media. They have been interviewed for print and digital media such as the Wall Street Journal and AOL, and have been guests for TV networks such as CNN, G4, and ABC. They have been featured on 1337 Lounge Live, Geek Nation, the Young Icons on the CW, Making it in America on HLN, and many others. Recently they presented at The Geekie Awards alongside legend Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica in Hollywood.

They had the honor to be in Ray Bradbury’s final documentary and were one the last the interview him before his passing.

The twins are excited about their expansion into TV and Film, with many projects currently in the works. They have discovered a passion for screen writing and are excited to tell stories in this new medium.

One thing is very certain, The Winner Twins’ story has just begun.